22 CIRCUIT TESTERS CIRCUIT TESTERS • Handy pen-size device checks for the presence of live voltage between 50- 1000 AC Volts (50-60 Hz) without need to contact bare wire leads. • Visual and audible signal indicates current. • Pushbutton activation of voltage detection. • Electrician-inspired plug-in device for detection of the right circuit breaker the first time, every time. • Eliminates need for a second person on the job. • Plug the Circuit Scout into the outlet you want to trace. Turn on sonic and increase volume as needed. Then go turn off the correct breaker to stop sonic. • Built in wiring analyzer. • Instant reading of either Watts or Amps used by any plug-in device. • Determine the wattage rating you’ll need from a generator in a power outage. • Plug AmWatt into a 120 Volt live outlet. Plug your appliance into AmWatt. Read watts (up to 1875) or amps (up to 15) on LCD display. • Plug CHECKOUT PRO Plug-in Circuit Analyzer into 120 Volt standard or GFCI outlet. LCD light pattern tell you of wiring flaws. Push button for GFCI check. • Plug PIVI into any home or portable generator outlet. Read the voltage level output on the LED lights • Voltage Readings: RED- Too High (over 132 Volts) = can damage home devices; GREEN- Good (108- 132 Volts) = home devices are safe; AMBER- Too Low = can damage home devices. CIRCUIT SCOUT CIRCUIT BREAKER LOCATOR AmWatt PLUG-IN APPLIANCE LOAD TESTER ChekOut PLUG-IN CIRCUIT ANALYZER AND GFCI CHECK PIVI PLUG-IN VOLTAGE INDICATOR Item# Description UPC Pack Qty. THP101 Non-Contact Voltage Detector 8-51890-00001-0 10 Item# Description UPC Pack Qty. THP109 Circuit Breaker Locator 8-15181-01277-9 5 Item# Description UPC Pack Qty. THP103 Plug-In Appliance Load Tester 8-51890-00004-1 3 Item# Description UPC Pack Qty. THP102 Plug-In Circuit Analyzer and GFCI Check 8-15181-01066-9 5 THP102P Plug-In Circuit Analyzer and GFCI Check - 40” Cord 8-15181-01067-6 5 Item# Description UPC Pack Qty. THP105 Plug-In Voltage Indicator 8-51890-00056-0 5 GFCI Trip VOLT SNOOPER NON-CONTACT VOLTAGE DETECTOR 26IN CORD 40IN CORD Rugged, high-impact construction