23 HOME MONITORING PRODUCTS HOMEMONITORINGPRODUCTS • A compact plug-in emergency light and alarm. Under normal utility power conditions the PowerOUT is a subtle night light. But when a power outage occurs, it becomes a 78dB alarm with a powerful LED path- or portable flashlight that lasts up to 3 hours. • Our simple and effective sump pump alarm is designed to sound an extra- loud 105dB alarm when the water in a basement sump pump crock rises to warn you of basement flooding. Accessory suction cup on sensor for use in laundry rooms. Features include • Wall-mountable • 6-foot sensor probe wire with crimp-on sinker weight to allow sensor to hang in sump crock at correct level. • This alarm plugs IN-LINE between the power outlet and the appliance being monitored. It sounds a piercing 104 dB alarm for 90 seconds when power is cut-off to the appliance. Great for refrigerators, freezers, aquariums, wine coolers. Uses 2 rechargeable batteries (included). • This alarm connects to the land line phone in your home or cabin. It lets you program five numbers to call you or neighbors when room temperatures drop below 42 degrees. • Keypad base plugs into phone line and electrical outlet. • Tone alarm on phone call received. • FCC approved • PowerBACK connects to your main electrical panel to alert you when utility power returns after a power outage. For use when entire panel is shut down while a generator is used. EARLY WARNING SUMP PUMP ALARM & FLOOD ALERT SoniCord KEY APPLIANCE POWER FAILURE ALARM PHONE-OUT FREEZE ALARM FOR HOME OR CABIN PowerBack UTILITY POWER RETURN WARNING ALERT Item# Description UPC Pack Qty. THP207M Power Failure Emergency Light & Alarm 8-51890-00062-1 5 Item# Description UPC Pack Qty. THP205 Sump Pump Alarm and Flood Alert 8-51890-00061-4 5 Item# Description UPC Pack Qty. THP111 Plug-In Appliance Load Tester 8-15181-01056-0 3 Item# Description UPC Pack Qty. THP217 Alarm for Home or Cabin 8-51890-00099-7 3 Item# Description UPC Pack Qty. THP108 Plug-In Voltage Indicator 8-15181-01055-3 1 78dB Alarm Loud 105dB Siren Loud 104dB Siren PowerOUT! POWER FAILURE EMERGENCY LIGHT Flash memory to save programmed data Detects Unwanted Water or Flooding Built-In Rechargeable Battery