b'24 HOUR MECHANICAL TIME SWITCHESProduct Features MECHANICAL TIME SWITCHESCIRCUIT ID LABELS POLYCARBONATE CABINET HAS POP-FAST KNOCKOUT HOLES- NO TOOLS REQUIREDMETAL CABINET POLYCARBONATE CABINET REVERSIBLE HINGES REVERSIBLE HINGESMODEL 601R NEMA 3RRated24 HOUR TIME SWITCHINDOOR / OUTDOORSINGLE POLE SINGLE THROW (SPST)40 AMP RESISTIVE, INDUCTIVE, TUNGSTEN 120 VAC1000 VA PILOT DUTY 120 VAC16 AMP ELECTRONIC BALLAST 120 VAC2 HP120V AC CLOCK MOTOR: 110-125 VOLTS - 60 HZ.CLOCK MOTOR VOLTAGE AND CYCLE MUST BE AS SPECIFIED.INSIDE COVER INSTRUCTION LABELS EXTRA TRIPPER STORAGETIME DIALREPLACE WIRING COVER BEFORECURRENT TIME YINDICATORTURNING ON ELECTRICIT ONDO NOT PULL DIALROTATETRIPPERCLOCKWISE TO SET TIME OFFThe timing motor operates from currentTRIPPERsupplied to L1 in terminal and N terminalON/OFF(prewired) and these must be connectedLEVERto an uninterrupted circuit of voltage and TO SET ON/OFF TIMES: loosen tripper thumb screws enough to permit frequency shown above. trippers to slide along the edge of the dial. 1. Set silver tripper for the time to turn ONLOCKABLE DOORS CLEARLY MARKED TERMINALS Tripper screws must be retightened firmly with fingers (not tools) and should 2. Set black tripper for the time to turn OFFTO SET TIME OF DAY: (DO NOT PULL DIAL) rotate dial clockwise until the be positioned tightly against the dial. pointer that says current time on the center of the dial points to the actual time.Make sure that the dial and trippers are set in the correct position with 8DO NOT LOOSEN SCREW AT CENTER OF DIAL respect to night and day.y MANUAL OPERATION: to operate switch by hand, follow the markings stamped on the mechanism lever (on/off). Manual operation is temporarand will not interfere with automatic operations.tment cover.Press tab on upper left of mechanism towards housing of cabinet and pull back on the TO REMOVE MECHANISM:remove wiring compardial to lift and remove entire mechanism from the cabinet.II-601RE-060718 601R 1806106_ISReliance Controls CorporationRacine, WI, USA 53404'