FEB 14, 2014 New Compact 50A, 125/250VAC-VDC Wiring Devices
The new Reliance 1450 Series of 50A wiring devices for power cords is our most extensive line of NEMA 14-50 devices to date. The six items in the offering include: a covered power outlet; covered power inlet; a straight-blade plug; straight connector; a 90o plug and 90° connector. The patent-pending QuadBreakTM technology, for arc suppression, facilitates the compact design and reduces the circumference by more than 10% from competitive devices.

The clamshell construction of the 90° devices makes improper assembly virtually Impossible, while tamper resistance for the straight-blade plug and connector is achieved by placing the assembly fasteners beneath the cord clamps at the base of the devices. The flanged inlet and flanged outlets are reversible and feature a rain-tight flip lid for outdoor installation.

The new compact and economically priced Reliance 1450 Series is available at over 3000 electrical distributor locations throughout North America and is UL listed to standard 498, CSA certified to C22.2 No. 42 and meets NEMA WD6 parameters. U.S. and foreign patents pending.

1450 Series Bulletin

JAN 9, 2012 New Power Inlet Box is Service Entrance Rated
The Reliance PR Series of power inlet boxes has been re-engineered to meet the requirements of UL1008 as a transfer switch accessory. It is also listed as suitable for use as service entrance for those areas of the country where inspectors require an additional disconnect means when a portable generator is connected to a premises wiring system.

The PR Series, featuring built-in double-pole circuit breakers, is designed for outdoor use and can be hardwired directly to a manual transfer switch or transfer panel, eliminating need for cords running through windows or doors. All models include a flanged inlet plug on the bottom with an inlet cover to discourage nesting insects. The included double-pole breaker is on the front and easily accessible simply by lifting the rain tight cover. Four combination ½-and ¾-inch knockouts are provided with one on each side, bottom and back.

The PR Series is constructed with heavy- gauge steel and zinc-plated before being powder-coated for outstanding resistance to the elements. Three models are available in 20A, 30A and 50A versions for 125/250VAC applications. The exclusive patented design provides generous wiring space and facilitates rough-in. The front and top of the box is a single piece and easily removable for fast installation. The PR Series is UL-listed and covered by a 5-year warranty.

PR Inlet Box - open
PR Inlet Box - circuit breakers close up
PR Inlet Box - open close up
PR Series Catalog Sheet

SEP 6, 2011 Automatic Transfer Switch for Renewable Energy Installations
Reliance Controls Corporation, of Racine, Wisconsin, has introduced the EcoTranTM automatic transfer switch. The EcoTran is purpose-designed to provide a safe and simple method of powering designated branch circuits from renewable AC power sources such as battery powered inverters driven by wind turbines and solar arrays.

The EcoTran is unique because it recognizes the renewable power source as the primary power source and the utility power as the backup. This control approach maximizes the uptime on the renewable source while facilitating seamless transition, in less than 20 milliseconds, to utility-supplied power when renewable power is not sufficient to operate the connected loads. The EcoTran will automatically switch back to the renewable source, also in less than 20 milliseconds, when sufficient power is available. The switching speed of the EcoTran is so fast as to be unrecognizable to even the most sensitive electronic equipment. The electrical-over-mechanical transfer switching and interlocking system prevents accidental back feed of the renewable power source onto utility lines.

Generally, renewable power sources will not have sufficient capacity to power a large number of circuits simultaneously. The Reliance EcoTran allows powering of continuous and intermittent loads well beyond the nameplate rating of the renewable source by utilizing the utility source to power intermittent circuits in maximum loading conditions.

The Reliance EcoTran is listed to UL1008 by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. and is available in 36 configurations for inverter systems to 3000W and inverter battery voltages of 12VDC, 24VDC, 48VDC 60VDC 120VDC and 180VDC. U.S. and foreign patents pending.

EcoTran Image
EcoTran Label
EcoTran Sell Sheet
EcoTran Installation Instructions

AUG 1, 2011 New Temporary Power Light for Manual Transfer switches
Reliance Controls Corporation has introduced the TempLiteTM, for use with most new or existing manual transfer switch installations. The TempLite features four extra-bright LEDs, drawing less than 20mA total, and will illuminate the face of the manual transfer switch, regardless of the switch position, when power is supplied by a portable generator. The lens is molded from Bayer Makrolon® 6485 polycarbonate for high durability. TempLite mounts easily over the power inlet opening, found on most hardwired manual transfer switches, and connects to the generator neutral wire and either of the two hot leads inside the transfer switch.

The Reliance TempLite is a UL Recognized Component and available at retailers and electrical wholesalers nationwide. U.S. and foreign patents pending.

TempLite on/off comparison
TempLite installed in ProTran
TempLite Instructions
TempLite Catalog Sheet

JUL 1, 2011 New Current Detector Finds the Right Wire Every Time
Reliance Controls Corporation has introduced the SnapLiteTM, a split-core, non-powered current detector. The SnapLite will indicate current of as little as one-half amp up to 30 amperes on virtually any insulated hot or neutral conductor to AWG 8. The SnapLite is self-saturating and is not affected excess current. A minimum 60W load is required on the circuit in order to illuminate the built-in LED. The SnapLite will locate a specific neutral wire for any circuit and is ideal when installing arc-fault circuit breakers in an existing load center.

Designated as the THP219, the SnapLite is available at over 3000 electrical distributor locations throughout the U.S. and Canada.

SnapLite in use

DEC 16, 2010 New Outlet Checker with GFCI Tester
Reliance Controls Corporation has introduced the ChekOutTM and ChekOut/ProTM, a unique pair of outlet checkers with GFCI trip test function.

The easy-to-use ChekOut is an ergonomically designed model for direct plug-in. The ChekOut/Pro features a 40-inch cord, perfect for those hard-to-reach outlets. Both models will test any standard 120V, 3-wire and GFCI outlets and standard outlets that are wired in series with other GFCI outlets. They are also able to test the GFCI function of arc fault circuit breakers.

In some conventional outlet checkers, the neon lighting requires a large resister that can sometimes overheat. Both ChekOut models feature 2mA LEDs, requiring a much smaller resistor and eliminating the chance of overheating.

The ChekOut and the ChekOut/Pro are rated for 125VAC/60Hz/0.2W and are listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. Both models are available through retailers and electrical distributors throughout the U.S. and Canada.

ChekOut Brochure
ChekOut in use

ChekOut/Pro Brochure
ChekOut/Pro in use

AUG 11, 2010 Light & Motion Activated Safety Light
Reliance Controls Corporation has introduced the LiteSmartTM, portable safety light. The LiteSmart is a totally unique home safety light that will provide illumination only when motion is detected and the ambient light level is low. It is the only safety light that is smart enough to actually know when it is needed.

LiteSmart will operate for up to 30,000 on/off cycles on three AA batteries for a total of 250 hours of light. The three-position switch: ON – when used as a hand-held light, AUTO –automatically turns ON when it senses motion AND low light levels, and OFF for storage. The high-impact, light-defusing dome covers three extra-bright LEDs.

The LiteSmart is available at leading electrical wholesalers, hardware stores and DIY centers throughout North America.

LiteSmart Brochure
LiteSmart in closet
LiteSmart by sink
LiteSmart by stairs

JUL 16, 2010 New Power Failure Alarm Cord
Reliance Controls Corporation has introduced the SoniCordTM, a unique 17-inch cord with a built-in power failure alarm. Designed to monitor essential 120V cord-connected appliances for Accidental cord disconnect, circuit breaker failure or nuisance tripping, or power outage. The SoniCordTM is perfect for use with refrigerators, freezers, sump pumps, aquariums, wine cellars and much more.

When the cord leading to a connected appliance is disconnected, or loses power for any reason, a loud 80dB signal, power by a rechargeable battery, sounds for up to 90 minutes. Convenient retaining straps are included to secure the appliance plug to the SoniCord receptacle to help prevent accidental disconnect downstream from the alarm.

Designated as the THP111, the SoniCord is cULus listed for indoor use and is available soon through retailers and electrical distributors throughout the U.S. and Canada.

SoniCord Brochure
View SoniCord with install straps

OCT 3, 2009 Reliance Controls Celebrates Century of Technological Ingenuity
Family-owned company has earned position as a leader in electrical innovation
A century of technological innovation that began with one man’s invention of a time switch and grew into a family-owned company that is a world leader in electrical innovation is being celebrated by Reliance Controls. The Racine, Wis.-based company, approximately 30 miles south of Milwaukee, is owned and operated by the Flegel family. Reliance Controls is the leading manufacturer of transfer switches for portable generators, as well as products that help families and businesses in the event of power failures.

“In 100 years, we think we’ve done something right because not too many companies can do what we do every day – identify problems and design products to fix those problems,” said Dave Flegel, president of Reliance Controls and grandson of its founder, Benjamin Franklin Flegel. “Our goal is to do that for another century to honor our grandfather’s innovative legacy.”

In 1909, founder Benjamin Flegel invented a time switch – an eight-day, spring-driven model that allowed stores and apartment buildings to turn the lights on and off automatically that, in the early days of the electrical age, allowed for a more productive work day. Flegel quickly patented the switch, which would launch the Reliance Automatic Lighting Company in Warren, Ohio. The company moved to Racine in 1911 and has been there ever since. Benjamin Flegel’s son, Dean, ran the company for more than 30 years. Today, Dean Flegel’s sons – Dave, Mike and Jeff – have taken over, and some of the fourth-generation Flegels are now actively contributing as well.

Over the years, Reliance has invented several products that moved with the times and technological advances. In the 1930s, natural evolution and technical progress eliminated the self-winding time switch, and development steered into the motor-driven types.

Reliance Controls’ “Badger” series was introduced as the first synchronous motor-driven time switch. The Series 500 time switch is now used on 80 percent of the billboards in the U.S., according to the company.

One recent innovation came in 1983 when Reliance was the first to put transfer switches for portable generators on the market. These have become one of the company’s most familiar products. Keeping businesses and homes up and running in the event of a power failure, the transfer switches provide a safe and effective means for powering an electrical system with a portable generator.

In 100 years, the inventive and problem-solving minds at Reliance have contributed numerous innovations to manual transfer switch technology, as well as introduced many products for everyday use in homes across the country. For instance, the Phone-Out Home Warning System automatically dials up to three numbers when freezing temperatures, power failures, flooding or water leaks threaten a home or cabin. Another design used in the event of a power failure is the PowerOUT!™, a plug-in product that provides up to six hours of light and sounds an alarm so homeowners will never sleep through a power outage or be caught in the dark. Products like these – results of weekly brainstorm sessions at the Reliance Controls’ offices – can be found on the shelves of the biggest retail names in the country: Home Depot, Lowe’s, True Value, Do It Best and Ace Hardware, to name a few.

“Our company is doing well thanks to a committed staff at Reliance Controls who work so hard every day,” said Dave Flegel. “Our grandfather’s motto was, ‘if there’s a problem, fix it.’ This sounds so simple, but it’s a mantra that has existed for 100 years. Some things never change.”

After a century of innovation, Reliance Controls Corporation has built an enviable reputation for high quality, superior engineering and exceptional customer service. For more information, please visit

Read the Journal Times article about Reliance Controls first 100 years

SEP 12, 2009 New Non-metallic Power Inlet Box
The new Reliance PBN Series non-metallic power inlet box provides a low-cost method for connecting a portable generator to a transfer switch, transfer panel or temporary power load center.

Constructed of .150” UV stabilized ABS, the PBN is designed for heavy-duty outdoor residential and commercial installations. It is ideally suited for standby and spot-power applications. Models are available for most portable generator outputs from 15A/125VAC to 50A, 125/250VAC.

The exclusive Pop-FastTM ½” knockout design makes for exceptionally fast installation and the interior provides over 88 cubic inches of wiring space. The slide-out base permits easy 360o access to the terminals of the flanged inlet for fast wiring. The through-bolt design is held in place with two 4-1/8” JS500 screws. The water-resistant and bug-proof flanged inlet cover is standard.

The new Reliance PBN Series will soon be available at over 3000 electrical distributor locations throughout North America and is the first power inlet box to be listed to the new UL1008 standard by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. U.S. and foreign patents pending.

PBN view #1
PBN inside view
PBN view #2
PBN view with cord

NOV 1, 2008 Standby Power System Monitor
Reliance Controls Corporation has introduced the PowerTrakTM automatic standby power system monitor. In the event that an automatic standby power system fails to start in a power outage, or fails during the outage, the PowerTrak will call up to three installer-selected phone numbers anywhere in North America and identify the problem.

The new PowerTrak will also phone-out in the event of a potential freeze condition resulting from a furnace failure and includes a water sensor to monitor for flooding conditions.

PowerTrak takes only minutes to install and requires no special wiring. Programming is fast and easy. The new Reliance Controls PowerTrak is FCC approved and available through electrical wholesalers, generator dealers and retailers throughout North America.

PowerTrak Brochure
View PowerTrak with package
View PowerTrak water sensor

SEP 21, 2007 New Manual Transfer Panel for Generators with GFI Outlets
Reliance Controls Corporation announces the Panel/Link® X Series of manual transfer panels. The X Series is engineered specifically for use with portable generators equipped with ground fault protection and for applications requiring a separately derived system.

The X Series features a unique sequential neutral-switching mechanism that will open the two hot legs before opening the neutral leg. It will then close the neutral leg before it closes the two hot legs. This ensures that sensitive 120V electronics and inductive AC motors are not subjected to damaging 240V current resulting from a possible momentary loss of the neutral during switching.

There are over 30 X Series models available to accommodate 8 to 36 branch circuits. All are UL listed and suitable for use under article 702 of the National Electrical Code ANSI/NFPA70. The Panel/Link X Series is available at over 3000 electrical distributor locations throughout the U.S. and Canada. U.S. and foreign patents pending.

X Series Instructions
X Series Specifications
X Series Label

JUL 31, 2007 New Dual-Input Manual Transfer Switch for Traffic Signals
Reliance Controls Corporation has introduced the Pro/Tran® Signa 2 Series traffic signal transfer switches. The Signa 2 features two 120V generator inlets that will allow either a 15A or 30A generator outlet to power the traffic signal in a power outage. The patent-pending design insures that the inlets are isolated so that one inlet is not live when the other is powered. The Signa 2 allows greater flexibility in the selection of the generator used to power the intersection.

Constructed of rugged .060 stainless steel, the Signa 2 Series is available in several models for 15/30A, 125VAC generator output. Options include utility power return indicator light, over-current protection and neutral switching capability. The Signa II Series features the exclusive Reliance 7801 transfer-rated toggle switch which allows switching back to utility power in less than 250 milliseconds, eliminating the necessity of resetting the traffic signals.

Reliance Controls Corporation was awarded the first patent for a traffic signal transfer switch in September of 2000. Today Reliance manufactures over 100 traffic signal transfer switch models in three different outdoor enclosures. Reliance also offers custom transfer switch design, engineering and testing services.

View Signa 2 Series in closed position
View Signa 2 Series in open position

JUL 27, 2007 Reliance Announces Test Lab Opening
Reliance Controls Corporation announces the completion of a new high-current test laboratory at the corporate headquarters in Racine, Wisconsin. The new facility is capable of delivering up to 5,000 amperes at 125/250 VAC, or 2.5 megawatts. The laboratory includes a custom-built, 1400 cubic foot blast chamber, a multi-channel high speed data acquisition control system and high speed video imaging. The facility will permit Reliance to test to several ANSI standards including UL98, UL489, UL508, UL891, UL1008, UL1054, UL1077 and others. According to Reliance’s Director of Engineering, Neil Czarnecki, “This will allow us to conduct UL certification tests in our own facility which will take several months off our time-to-market for new products.”

The Reliance testing laboratory is also available to other manufacturers for pre-testing electrical products to UL and ANSI standards. For more information contact Neil Czarnecki at 1-800-634-6155.

Reliance Laboratories Web Site

JUN 29, 2007 New Transfer Panels Permit Access to all Residential Circuits
from an Automatic Standby System

Reliance Controls Corporation has introduced the SelecTranTM Series of home standby generator expansion panels. The SelecTran Series is intended for use with a new or existing residential automatic standby system. SelecTran is designed to overcome the major limitation of automatic systems, which is that they can power only a limited number of circuits in accordance with the National Electrical Code. Even if the homeowner is present, non-emergency circuits in the main panel such as the garage door opener or dishwasher are unavailable. SelecTran makes any circuit in the load center available to be manually switched to the standby generator while maintaining code compliance.

When power fails, the automatic transfer switch system detects the loss of utility power, starts the generator, and automatically switches the emergency circuits over to the generator. Now, the generator powers only the circuits in the transfer switch or emergency subpanel. None of the circuits in the load center are powered. The SelecTran allows a double-pole breaker from the emergency subpanel, or transfer switch, to safely back-feed a double-pole breaker in the SelecTran panel making generator power available to all branch circuits. The back-fed breaker in the SelecTran is interlinked with the circuit breaker that feeds the automatic transfer switch so that both circuit breakers cannot be ON at the same time. This prevents the standby system from sensing its own power. A second linkage, to the main circuit breaker, will not allow the back-fed breaker from the standby system to turn ON unless the main breaker is in the OFF position, protecting the utility from being back-fed by the standby system.

Reliance SelecTran home standby generator expansion panels are suitable for service-entrance and available in 24 UL-listed models at over 3000 electrical distributor locations in the U.S. and Canada. U.S. and foreign patents pending.
Download SelecTran Brochure
Download SelecTran Sample Installation Instructions
Download SelecTran Sequence Specifications

JAN 6, 2007 Low-cost 200A Generator-ready Load Center
Reliance Controls Corporation has expanded its Panel/Link® line of 200A generator-ready load centers to include the economy-priced TTR Series. The TTR is available with or without watt meters in indoor and outdoor versions, adding 14 models to the Panel/Link product line. All models feature a 200A main breaker and provision for 28/38 branch circuit breakers. It is the ability of the TTR to utilize tandem, or duplex, circuit breakers that contribute to the cost savings over the Panel/Link TTV Series which features 38 full-size branch circuit breaker spaces. Generator breakers are available from 30A to 125A.

Like all Panel/Link generator-ready models, the TTR Series features the heavy-duty Reliance interlock system. All TTR models are UL Listed and include two installed 20A branch circuit breakers, in addition to the main and generator circuit breakers. Reliance Panel/Link generator-ready load centers are available at over 3000 electrical distributor locations in the U.S. and Canada.

DEC 22, 2006 Full-Featured Compact Transfer Panel
Reliance Controls Corporation has expanded its compact Panel/Link® TRB Series of manual transfer panels to include models with watt meters and/or power inlets. This capability adds 18 models to the TRB product offering and will accommodate portable generators to 12,500 running watts. The Panel/Link TRB is service entrance rated for up to 125A and can be used as a main panel or sub-panel. There are accommodations for 4/8 branch circuit breakers.

Like all TRB models, the line additions feature a protective steel door with latch, and a tamper-resistant interlock. All models are UL Listed for use with most one-inch interchangeable branch circuit breakers.

Panel/Link manual transfer panels are available at over 3000 electrical distributor locations throughout North America.

NOV 19, 2006 New Digital Circuit Breaker Locator
Reliance Controls Corporation has introduced the Circuit SnooperTM, a digital microprocessor-based circuit breaker locator. The Circuit SnooperTM identifies 90-280 VAC breakers and fuses powering home electrical circuits with digital accuracy.

Simply plug the Circuit SnooperTM transmitter into the live outlet of the circuit you need to identify. This will illuminate the red LED on the transmitter. Use the receiver to scan the circuit breakers in the load center. When the correct circuit breaker is located, the Circuit SnooperTM receiver will “beep” and a green arrow will flash.

The Circuit SnooperTM utilizes patented diagnostic algorithm firmware that is capable of distinguishing between the minute difference of EFI interference and the signal emitted from the transmitter. This algorithm consistently locks-in immediately on the correct circuit breaker.

The Circuit SnooperTM is UL listed and features ergonomic, high-impact construction. The receiver requires a 9V battery, not included.

Designated as the THP110, the Circuit SnooperTM is part of The Home Protectors® product offering and and is available at select retail stores and electrical wholesalers nationwide. The Circuit SnooperTM is ideal for use when setting up residential standby power systems.

FEB 3, 2006 Power Monitoring System
Reliance Controls Corporation has introduced the PhoneAlertTM home and business monitoring system. In the event of a power outage, temperature drop or flood condition, the PhoneAlertTM will call up to three installer-selected phone numbers anywhere in North America, and identify the specific problem. The new PhoneAlertTM is ideal for notifying an absentee homeowner, or business owner, when his automatic standby system has failed to activate in a power outage.

The PhoneAlertTM is part of the Reliance Controls’ Home ProtectorsTM product line. Additional information, and an instructional video, may be found at

PhoneAlertTM is available in two models, with flood sensor and without flood sensor, and takes only minutes to install. Programming is fast and easy. Both PhoneAlertTM models are FCC approved.

NOV 7, 2005 New Consumer Products Group
Reliance Controls Corporation has introduced THE HOME PROTECTORS® consumer products group. The new product grouping consists of products engineered to facilitate the installation of home standby systems and help protect against damage caused by power failures.

Included in the new line are several unique products such as the AmWattTM, in-line appliance ammeter/wattmeter; Volt SnooperTM non-contact voltage detector; an early warning sump pump alarm/flood alert; two types of wireless flood/freeze warning systems; a low-cost, seven-function multi-meter and the WireworkerTM, a unique electrical panel tool designed for, among other things, stripping 12 and 10 gauge NM cable.

While the initial offering consists of seven products, many new and unique products are scheduled to be added over the next 10 months. THE HOME PROTECTORS product line will be available at most US and Canadian retailers and select electrical distributors.

THE HOME PROTECTORS product line may be viewed at Customer Service support is readily available at (800) 439-5745.

AUG 22, 2005 Non-Contact Voltage Detector
Reliance Controls Corporation has introduced the Volt SnooperTM, a high performance non-contact voltage detector. The Volt Snooper features a slide-clip ON/OFF switch and both visual and audible voltage detection signals. The ON/OFF light also functions as low battery indicator. A Cat III device, the Volt Snooper is rated for 50-1000VAC and 50-60Hz. One of the unique features is that it uses common AAA batteries (included).

The Volt Snooper is listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. and includes tri-lingual instructions. It is economically priced and comes individually blister packed in ten-unit self-merchandising display carton.

JUN 16, 2005 Manual Transfer Switch For Traffic Signals
Reliance Controls Corporation has introduced the Pro/Tran® SignaTM Series line of traffic signal transfer switches. These transfer switches permit a fast and easy method of operating traffic signals with a portable generator in the event of a power interruption. Constructed with rugged stainless steel NEMA 3R outdoor enclosures, the Pro/Tran® SignaTM Series is available in a wide variety of configurations up to 50A, 125VAC. Options include utility power return indicator light and neutral switching capability. The SignaTM Series features the exclusive Reliance 7801 transfer-rated toggle switch which allows switching back to the utility in less than 250 milliseconds eliminating the necessity of resetting the traffic signals.

All Pro/Tran SignaTM Series models are listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. and are suitable for use in accordance with article 702 of the National Electrical Code.

Reliance Controls Corporation was awarded its first patent on a traffic signal transfer switch, the CSR Series, in September of 2000. The CSR, featuring a zinc plated, powder-coated enclosure with captive cord capability, remains in production.

MAY 23, 2005 Low-cost Load Tester
Reliance Controls Corporation has introduced the AmWatt®, a new hand-held ammeter/wattmeter for measuring loads on cord-connected tools, appliances or lighting. Simply plug the cord on the device to be measured into the receptacle on the back of the AmWattTM and plug the 26” cord end on the AmWatt into a live outlet. A slide switch on the side of the unit allows you to choose amps or watts to appear on the liquid crystal display. The AmWatt will read up to 15A and 1875W and is listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. While the AmWatt has many functions, it is ideal for use by installers of standby generating systems.

FEB 6, 2005 New Portable Generator Transfer Switch For Heavy-duty Applications
Reliance Controls Corporation has introduced the Pro/Tran® “Q” Series manual transfer switch for portable generators to 12.5kW. The new Q Series utilizes conventional 1-inch interchangeable circuit breakers, to DP30A, in series with the exclusive Reliance 7801 transfer-rated toggle switch. The Q Series is available in three different six- and ten-circuit configurations for indoor installation. Factory installed circuit breakers and analog watt meters, to monitor and balance generator loads, are standard. An electronic LED bar graph meter, which will display generator wattage and voltage, is optional. Like all Reliance Pro/Tran transfer switches, the “Q” Series is completely prewired for fast installation. All models are UL listed for most brands of interchangeable circuit breakers and can be easily re-configured in the field for multiple double-pole circuits if needed. The Pro/Tran “Q” Series is UL listed to UL Standard 1008 and is suitable for use in accordance with article 702 of the National Electrical Code ANSI/NFPA 70.
All Reliance Controls Corporation Transfer Switches and Panels are listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
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