1. Low Cost.
Surprisingly low. A fraction of the cost of a DPDT switch, subpanel, power inlet, fittings, conduit, circuit breakers and wire. Pro/Tran transfer switches combine all these elements in a single, compact, ready-to-install unit.
2. Fast Installation.
Extremely fast. That's because every Pro/Tran transfer switch is completely prewired. Simply attach the conduit, mount the cabinet, make the necessary connections in the load center and it's ready to use.
3. Safe operation.
Ultimately safe. The double-throw, break-before-make switch action of each Pro/Tran circuit keeps the generator isolated from the utility at all times. This eliminates the danger of backfeeding the utility and causing injury to repair crews as well as preventing utility power from feeding into the generator and causing damage or injury.
4. Easy to Use.
Remarkably easy. Plug the generator cord into the Pro/Tran, or the optional power inlet box, start the generator and move the switches on the Pro/Tran from LINE to GEN. Now you have power to your critical circuits.
5. High Flexibility.
Unusually high. Every indoor Pro/Tran model can be cord-connected or hardwired. All enclosures include six combination 1/2-inch and 3/4-inch knockouts and a wiring compartment with over 60 cubic inches of space. Models that include a power inlet on the front also include a cover for the power inlet opening that facilitates hardwiring. Models without a power inlet on the front include a covered opening that permits the installation of a power inlet for convenient cord connection. And by ordering the optional Flush Kit, every indoor surface mount unit can be easily flush mounted.
6. Exceptional Quality.
Quite exceptional. Every Pro/Tran component is manufactured to exacting specifications and tested before assembly. Then each completed Pro/Tran is thoroughly tested before shipment from the factory. And this exceptional level of quality is backed by an exclusive two-year warranty.